The cost of HTC One A9 rise in price to $ 499.

Recently, HTC introduced its new smartphone One A9. Learn more about possible here. The device, of course, is not a leader, but it was forgivable, given its price - $ 399. Today, a representative of the American division of HTC said that the price is temporary. November 7 One A9 price will rise to $ 499, that is $ 100.

Стоимость HTC One A9 подорожает до $499.

For a smartphone that is far from the flagship title, this pricing seems at least strange. It seems that HTC is aimed at a temporary result, but not for the long term. For comparison, in the US iPhone 6, the design of which, according to many, the new copies One A9 (despite fruitless attempts HTC introduced the opposite, relying solely on the strip at One M7), costs $ 550. Which smart phone would get you?