Sony is stepping up production of PV modules

Japanese electronics leader Sony announced plans to implement a significant paper on the necessary amount of 440 billion yen ($3.6 billion) to invest in skororastuschy business, coupled with the release of meters pictures.
As reported by Reuters, a hyperlink to the statement of Sony, the firm wants to attract 321 billion yen from an open issue promotions and 119 billion yen from the issuance of convertible bonds. Thus, the style comes to earnings, Coy would be suitable for almost 10% of the current market price of 4.1 trillion yen ($ 33.6 billion), which Bloomberg.
Sony is stepping up production of PV modules

In Sony they say, if a large fraction of foreign currency purchased will be spent on the continuation of manufacturing and research affairs unit Devices, occupied by the release of the remaining PV modules and semiconductor components. In these products the Japanese giant wants to invest 290 billion yen ($ 2.4 billion) in the year today, though in 4 times more than the investment a year ago.
Sony predicts, if in the next three years the company will be able to increase sales gauges image by 62% to 1.5 trillion yen ($ 12.3 billion). Consistent with 31 Ms 2015 accounts of the company accumulated untainted foreign currency in the amount of 1.4 trillion yen ($ 11.5 billion), though almost 3 times more than the year before.

Sony's statement on the implementation of relevant securities of the company demolished promotions by 8.3%. So the big drop in prices of the vendor in the movement of the day had nothing to do with the September 18, 2014. With today's source, the promotions Sony rose 40%.