YotaPhone 2 will be based on the Sailfish OS

YotaPhone 2 is a major gadget of the domestic stock OS.

In the past the moon arose first details about the investigation of the domestic operating system for phones in stock Sailfish OS, made by Finnish company Jolla, consisting in the main of the former workers of Nokia. Now it became clear, though adherents Jolla met with adherents of Russian firms and the SEC ROSA "Viola Linux" to consider porting Sailfish OS on the phone nashensky YotaPhone 2, whom will take advantage of municipal workers organizations and companies. With this notice informants, or if no clear agreements between the companies still lacking.
YotaPhone 2 будет на базе Sailfish OS

Consortium Coy just really consists of firms STC ROSA and "Viola linux" in the selection of plans for paying the Ministry of Communications in the last moon had the advantage on the study of the domestic operating system for mobile devices. Specifically, the company will be engaged in porting and Sailfish OS on YotaPhone 2, Coy this episode acts to the Android operating system from Google.