The first BlackBerry to Android's.

In the last week shook Web news that if BlackBerry allegedly intends to release the phone before the operating system Android. The Canadian company has responded to the news certainly bad, but similar, all the rumors really were not unsubstantiated.
As reported by the website N4BB, service is carried out in this direction, but in spite of earlier appear in the Intrigues of information, mostly BlackBerry phones on the Android platform will not slide Venice and including not flagship smartphone Passport, Coy recently "glittered" with it is running on the OS from Google. The model, which goes style becomes magnified Prague and relate to the initial level. It will be performed in this because the form factor as the BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta, it has to have quite touch control, and has the ability to be announced in August of the year today.
Первый BlackBerry на Android'е.
Of information about the properties latest releases while lacking not told yet, on what criteria will be applied to the platform Android - in a sink or a version of the creators of the BlackBerry modify it in accordance with the concept of the company. Full version for fans before the famous brand would be better communicators, wanting true fans of the brand, will just not perceive him. Truth and views on the Prague and in the absence of such a supersaturated market Android-based phone look very uncertain.