Samsung Galaxy Tab with 18.4"display

On this week Samsung released a teaser of devices that demonstrate a demonstration on August 13. The illustration is obviously viewed 3 units, 2 of what we already know: PHABLET 5 Galaxy Note and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. 3, about considered tablet. Probably has the ability to exist as a Galaxy Tab S2, that way and fresh Galaxy Tab Note. If they believe a resource Zauba, probably has the ability to exist and the most large device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab с 18,4" дисплеем

The stock of the website there was mention of such a tablet Samsung, Coy has a screen diagonal of 18.4 g. It is natural, not a precedent, if this device is considered to be so than we think, the truth and deliver it to have every chance of much later. However, earlier in the set of Samsung, nothing was not congruent.